CBSE To Mark Students On Special Marking Scheme

CBSE To Mark Students On Special Marking Scheme

According to a report, the pending exams of the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) which were to be held in March 2020, are now canceled. Due to the global pandemic, that shook almost everything, including the education of the students and the lockdown resulting in the shutting down of schools and institutions. There were students who had their exams left which got canceled. After a lot of social media protests, the CBSE Board finally decided to cancel the remaining exams and mark them on a special marking scheme.
With the board exams of class 12 students being postponed, due to the number of cases of COVID 19 rising, it is likely that the CBSE will graduate the students via a special marking scheme. If the students are not satisfied with the special marking scheme, they may take an exam later in the year to improve their performance. Earlier the CBSE decided to conduct the pending exams in July but due to the sudden rise of the number of cases in the country, the board decided to cancel the alternate method.
The exams were to be conducted between July 1 and July 15 but the number of corona cases is also believed to increase in July, so considering the risk involved in conducting the exams, the CBSE board canceled the pending exams. Around 19 states and union territories in India including Kerala, Telangana, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, and Jharkhand have already conducted Board examinations for Class 12 students. But still, there are some states left with their board exams. Delaying the board exams may hamper the students’ higher education or further admissions in higher institutions.
In such a scenario, where the coronavirus is hitting the country so badly, those states that are already done with their school exams will soon start their admission process for universities/ colleges and CBSE students may miss their chance to apply considering if exams are postponed beyond July 15, the report underlined. Therefore, it is crucial for CBSE to come up with an alternative that does not turn out to be a disadvantage for students. The board of CBSE is discussing this matter with the HRD Minister and will come to a final announcement next week.
The parents were against the decision of the exams being postponed because that was affecting the future studies of the children and conducting exams was risky too as the corona cases are severely rising in the country. Hence the decision by the CBSE Board to mark students on a special marking scheme is a decision that is fair and wise.

By: Surbhi Singh


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