Changes in Teaching Methods Over the Last 10 Years

Education News | May-31-2022

Changes in Teaching Methods Over the Last 10 Years

Teaching is a thing which lasts since the ancient period and is a way to deliver knowledge from teacher to learner. Teaching is the process that transfers knowledge from the teacher to the successor who uses it to succeed and achieve in life. The methods of teaching are widely changed with the period and these methods are a vital factor that affects how the learner can receive information. The methods are essential and influence the learning process. From the early age when Gurukuls were present to the modern age of school all have evolved their teaching methods. But in the last 10 years, there have been drastic changes in teaching methods in schools or coaching centers.

The regular ways or orderly procedure employed by the teacher in guiding the students to accomplish the objectives of the learning situation.

1) Lecture Method: At first the teaching was done by lecture method where lessons were taught in form of speech or talk being more active there students keep listening. Here more information is given in a short time using spoken words.

2) Demonstration Method: After this, the demonstration method was used which tackled the lack of attention given by students and individual differences in fast speed. Here, teachers give Demos or perform a particular concept and activity in the classroom. It involves proper planning and a child-centered approach.

3) Problem-Solving Method: Later this method of Problem Solving came into influence replacing the previous demonstration method and fixed the issue of time consumed and cost involved. Here students were told the art of question-solving instead of telling the solution to the problem. It involved the identification of the problem and increases the child's ability to tickle the brain.

4) Project-Based Method: Because of the various limitations and demerits of the problem-solving method, the project-based method came into force. It is based on the principle of learning by "Doing and Practicing". Here, the teacher plays the role of a guide or helper, and the student performs whole-hearted activities and develops logical power.

By : Parth Aggarwal
S. D. Public School