Contribution of Technology in Online Education

Education News | Nov-21-2020

Contribution of Technology in Online Education

Technology which was known for the reason of diseases like blindness, obesity, etc., as of Covid-19 time, everything even education can only work on technology because you can’t go to a school in the period of coronavirus. So, when this lockdown started things got more confusing as what will happen of education of students, they need hours for studying with school guidance, but then technology played, a key role in education.
Online Education might be difficult as lots of people’s jobs are gone. For this type of education, students need gadgets like mobile, computer, laptop, etc. when these problems come to an ending, then online education will be much easier than before. There are lots of benefits of online education. One of the significant features of online education is staying connected with the schools, via online. Here, technology and education come to an important role. You can attend your class online on any device.
The last important feature of online education is keeping an update of your schools.

For providing significant, information to students, the school has to wait another day to tell that. In online education, the school can share some important if they want to via text in student groups. So, the main contributions of technology are helping us to stay connected and keeps updated to us.

Ansh Srivastava

Delhi public school, Gautam Buddha Nagar