Importance Of Self-Study

Education News | May-07-2021

Importance Of Self-Study

Self Study is the method of learning on their own, method of direct studying outside the classroom. In the self-study there is no direct Supervision, the study is done by the Student on his. Because of Self Study, Students can take control of what and how they have to learn. Students can use both the Classroom method and Self Study Method together to get out most of his/her learning experience. These both methods together can help students to learn and retain information better, can boost their learning experience, comparison and can also increase their grades and motive.

Self Study has very great importance in the life of every learner whether they are studying for the Academic, graduation or studying any topic just for fun. After using the Self Study method Students can go beyond their simple learning and class textbook and the instructor teach them. With Self Study Students get encouraged to explore a further topic that they are interested in, they get to develop their study skills. Exploring a new topic on his/ her potential makes a student more encouraged towards engaging with the new information. Self Study gave students extra knowledge from outside their book as they study on their own they get interested ad curious about new things and they start researching on their own. Self Study makes student able to think about topics more deeply and makes a connection between student and their learning when the student is engaged and excited about what they can remember it better. With the help of the Self Study Students gets to discover or research more about the topic that they are learning, by doing self-study on any topic children get to know more about the topic except the fact that they only have to learn from their books, they study, learn and when they study on their own they got many questions in their mind and then they start searching around to get their answer they took the help of the books, internet and many things that can help them in finding their Answer.
And the Phase from which today we all are going through ( Pandemic/lockdown) where everything is stopped and no one can go outside, students are also suffering allot in this, their education nowadays is going online and we all are aware of the fact that this method is not that helpful for students. At this time Self Study is a great weapon to use time positively. Students can use this time in creating a space where they can sit in peace and have a great time during the learning, Students can clean their study space and can add some attractive and motivational things that will motivate them for spending time studying. It is a great time for every student to explore new things on their own, and they can also learn new topics according to their interest. This is a time where they have to learn everything related to their books and outside of the books on their own because there are no schools and classes are going on where teachers are present to help them. In this time students have to think about their future and career and have to start giving time to their studies that will help them in future for cracking exams and in their life also.

By: Srishti