Importance of Traditional Education

Importance of Traditional Education

Traditional education has great importance in the lives of all the citizens of all the countries. First letters understand the terminology of traditional education. Traditional education has been seen as a part of a curriculum where a country's values, traditions, cultures and morals are communicated to the students in schools of a particular country. It is believed that in order to become a global citizen every individual has a set of values for humanity and nature and it's bounties provided to us.

Traditional education involves educating students with the help of oral recitation of their contextual text and their course lessons. With the help of learning tools, learning from the mode of voice is considered.

In the classrooms, the drill happens by teaching the students with the means of spoken mode, where students sit together and listen to the teacher disseminating information about their course curriculum. The tradition is to make students understand by the means of listening and observing. In traditional education, it is an event of activity e for a teacher to make sure that their students become vocal by listening and express themselves in their primary age of education.

Testing the knowledge of a student in the pattern of traditional education is not opt as the modern education's scenario. There is no pen-paper test happens in this type of education, only the main focus of the teachers stays at making the child able to become observant and a better listener of human activities.

As the name suggests 'traditional', education imparted to students involves the subject of religious practices, rituals and understanding of cultural morals among students. as we know the technology and the modern Times are rapidly growing in this world, traditional education is now being endangered in society. Due to the loss of traditional education in a student's life, can result in the loss of their knowledge about their cultures and traditions.

By - Kanika Vij

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