Data Science

Education News | Mar-12-2021

Data Science

Data science is a new revolutionary job our future needs as due to the digital revolution in the last decade the number of users on the internet has significantly increased and to sustain the users of the specific sites. Data scientists play a significant role in such a revolution. As top digital platforms compete to stay on the top, they hire a data scientist to analyze the user behavior and find out the key points which attract more users and which helps the platforms to sustain and grow exponentially.

Whereas if we see the job scope in 2000 for a data scientist was very low but nowadays it has boomed and the need for students is much higher in these fields wherein some government organizations are also providing some data learning courses which compromises artificial intelligence and reading user-based data collected by sites. Data science is a field that uses specific method processes, algorithms, and systems that helps to extract knowledge from many structural and unstructured data.

Data scientist courses comprise of various courses
• Data Science with R Programming.
• Data Science with Python.
• Machine Learning.
• Tableau Training.
• Big Data Hadoop and Spark Developer.
• Data Science Capstone.

Basic computer languages that are used for data science are python, R programming language, and Julia. According to reports in 2020 jobs for data, the scientist is going to increase from 364000 to 272000. We live in a world that is a global village because of the internet. There are numerous data science communities on LinkedIn, Facebook, Medium, etc. Data science is a booming industry and the right steps may bring you to the top of this field. Building a brand, understanding the algorithms, Public behavior, etc., are certain skills one needs.
Data Science is a perfect career opportunity for someone who knows how to write and has an outstanding skillset in convincing people with the power of words. Skillset like this is not that easy to acquire but with dedication and consistency, these skills can be acquired. Digital Marketing is the future and data scientists will be its core unit. Career opportunities in this area are vast and highly paid. Go for your dreams. Move towards your goal and just like that one step at a time will lead you to greatness. Never stop dreaming and never question your potential.

By: Akshit Sharma