Delta Wetland: A Prime Habitat

Education News | Mar-13-2021

Delta Wetland: A Prime Habitat

Delta wetland is formed when a river empties its water and sediments into another water body or land. This happens when sediment quantity is more and the velocity of water flow is slow. Due to the heavy sedimentation at the base of the river the water searches for other ways and paths to flow ahead since water cannot be stopped. Wetlands can also be thought of as ‘biological heaven’. 

Delta wetland soil is rich in nutrients which helps the fast-paced growth of plants along with helping in photosynthesis. As delta is formed by the sediment collection it also has high rates of water in the soil. The flourishing of plants attracts wildlife and microorganisms.  Because of favorable conditions and sufficient food and water supply animals and organisms such as fishes, birds, frogs, water mammals, etc.

Some reasons for wetlands being good for habitat are-

  • Wetlands attract the runoff waste sediments-

When a river flows by the delta wetlands it collects all the runoff waste or harmful sediments and particulars before the river joins a larger water body. This makes the water purer.

  • Preventing floods

Due to low topographic position wetlands soaks and trap all the excess water that flows towards them. This prevents the flood water to go past the wetlands.

  • Aquatic animals

Shellfishes, crabs, etc. all depend on wetlands for food and shelter making them saturated with them and also a target place for fisherman to catch them for sale.

  • Breeding-

Due to the diversification of species on wetlands, breeding among different species and organisms becomes common. This not only creates new organisms and hybrid species but also creates great opportunists to study and research the environment.

Even though the formation of delta wetland is a natural process they greatly contribute to our environment. Even when the plants of delta wetland wilts and mix in the water, it makes the said water rich in minerals and nutrients. All the above reasons prove that delta wetland is prime habitat.

By: Kanak Kotnala

Gaurs International School