Do Good Communication Skills Represent a Good Personality?

Education News | Jun-06-2022

Do Good Communication Skills Represent a Good Personality?

The personality of any individual is the most important thing which is represented by many factors like dressing sense, attitude, and most importantly the communication skills of the individual. Without good communication skills, no one would like to get involved in a conversation with us. Communication skills leave a deep impression on anyone's mind and influence the way how the person treats us. Hence a better communication technique will impress anyone we are talking with. And we should always be aware that we are not talking irrelevantly on any topic and communicate related to the context.

With weak communication skills, we will not be able to achieve our goals and surely have difficulty in some parts of life and stay behind in others. Since this communication style is such an important factor of a good personality, let's see some ways to improve the communication skills:

1) Speak in a Supportive Way: We must speak in a supportive way which means we must not interrupt the speaker and speak in support of him. We must also never be in hurry to put our point forward by jumping in between the conversation. We should encourage the speaker to speak to us by earning their trust in a friendly manner.

2) Maintain an Eye Contact: While talking to anyone we should always have eye contact which shows our positive side and builds a connection with the speaker. It makes the speaker believe that we are interested in the conversation. When we don't look in the eyes of the speaker it shows defiance and refusal to the conversation and eventually, the speaker will not remain eager or involved in talking to us.

3) Never Highlight or Showcase your Knowledge: We should never just show our knowledge to others because if we always highlight our intelligence then the speaker would feel insecure and will not be happy to be a part of the conversation. It is also considered a rude way and the other person will be dissatisfied and lose interest in the conversation.

By : Parth Aggarwal
S. D. Public School