Do You Know Our Primitive Hands?

Education News | Aug-19-2020

Do You Know Our Primitive Hands?

Well I don't know and today I won't copy text today I will do research and then I will tell so if you reject my article I will be very sad because this will be the first time I wont copy text.

First of all primitive means early, Well as I said I will do some research so I read a article saying "The human hand has long been considered a recently derived feature of our species, shaped by the tool making—and subsequent survival advantages". In case, you don't know what specie means it means a group of animal with diffrent genes. 

Now I am gonna tell you fact which I learned, scientists has said that " Humans have more primitive hands than chimpanzees so let's see what this website said. human hand proportions have changed little from those of the last common ancestor of chimps and humans, while the hands of chimps and orangutans have evolved quite a bit"

Our body is filled with things we don't know but some small researches help us know them like this research could tell us many things.

 I think this research I did will help you understand a bit so I wish you like my article and as well as LIKE FAIRGAZE because it's the best website.

Thank you

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