E-learning Apps: Scams or Legit

Education News | Oct-29-2021

E-learning Apps: Scams or Legit

Amid this pandemic, every work and business turned online since there was a curfew prevalent worldwide. Benefitting from this the education industry boomed. Since more and more children started being dependent upon online courses, tuitions, and school, the number of education/E-learning apps increased. The few early and more advertised apps would be ‘Byju’s’. Alongside it, many apps such as ‘Cousera’ and ‘Unacademy’ also came into the limelight. Now when parents and students were trusting online platforms for education, the real question arises as to if they were trustworthy.

These learning apps provide vibrant courses and claim to have top-notch teachers. These apps have qualified teachers and lesson plans. Along with being able to study and learn whenever possible it also provides the platform to learn from international teachers and professionals. The publicity of these apps has made them popular not only among adults but also among children.

Some of the apps claim to provide extra benefits, such as-

1) Lecture recordings: These are present so that students can buckle up or re-learn all the previous lectures.
2) Notes/assignments: They provide you with weekly/daily assignments to keep track of your progress.
3) Parents-teachers meet: A disadvantage of online learning would have been the disconnect between the teachers and the parents but this was resolved by many apps by providing a parents-teacher meet online.

Remote learning has been promoted for quite some time now and e-learning apps are its ambassador. Learning has been made easy with these apps since one can learn anything from any part of the world at any age. This is the kind of freedom to learn which was not applicable in offline learning.

By : Kanak Kotnala
Gaurs International School

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