Education: An Important Tool For Change

Education News | May-04-2021

Education: An Important Tool For Change

Education has a great impact on the life of humans the above-stated quote is enough to prove the impact of education on human life. We all are aware of the importance of education. There are many types of research which prove how education is used to transform life, to change the scenario, and to bring change in society.

As indicated by a new report by the Ministry of Education in Peru, there are 1,300,000 uneducated individuals and another half-million individual without finished essential training in Peru today. Moreover, a new report by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) further featured Peru's feeble schooling framework by positioning them last of the 65 nations that they concentrated from around the world. This is just an example of one research that after knowing the role, the importance of education still we are not focused on achieving the aim of education.

Education is the most important tool that is alone able to bring life changes and proved itself important like rainwater in the area of drought.
Education provides higher chances to get a job and also higher chances to get a better income. A person with higher education has more skills and ability, also has more experience in the working and functioning of the system. Also, everyone wants to appoint someone on whom the investment is less and the output will be more, and that only happens with the educated person. So, education can be used as a tool for earning or for high income.

Education also gives in-depth knowledge about our own body, our health. And if we have insight about that it is easy to take care of ourselves and also of those who are our close ones. For example as in the current scenario also we are facing covid if we don’t know about it then it will become impossible for us to save our country from such a drastic situation.
Education helps in our daily life also. Education makes us more aware and taught us to observe things keenly.
I accept education is something or I should say education is everything and one can just achieve it through own will. See no one can constrain you to consider or to accept what they say. There is an incredible saying "The books are individual's dearest companion." But only books cannot give us what our life needs from us. We need to find a way to carry out our life. An educated individual realizes what is correct and what's up. It improves our life standard, character, and attitude.

By: Riya Chaudhary