Education Is A Right

Education News | Apr-23-2021

Education Is A Right

As the united nation clearly stated that the education is everyone’s right. The United nation is working on many sustainable development goals and providing quality education is one of them. By this, it is clear that a great effort was made to make education a tool that can be achieved by everyone as it is needed to spend daily life peacefully.

Literacy and education both are different concepts and have different meanings. Literacy means having the capability to just read and write while education is about the gathering of knowledge. Education is the development of skills and makes a person able to think more logically. Education develops problem-solving skills and analytical skills in a human. In today’s world, it is nearly impossible to survive without education. Education is not just mere reading the books or cramming the information or getting good scores it is just a myth about education. Many people having so many wrong scenarios in their mind regarding education like it is just collecting degrees, proving you the best person, the smartest one but education is much more than that. The answer to the question of why education should be a right is very simple it should be a right so that everyone has it without any discrimination of caste, creed, color, sex, religion, or area difference. Now the next thing arises is that why is it so necessary? There is not just reason behind it there are many for this like-

  • Education is a powerful instrument in the hand of a human by which they can change the story of their life easily.
  • Education is the only means to gain and gather knowledge and it also makes a person more aware and alert.
  • It develops observation skills among humans and makes them able to see through all the facts clearly and patiently and able to find the hidden answers.
  • Education makes a person more logical and able to think about a problem and its solution from a different perspective and different angles.
  • Education also helps society in becoming economically stable and makes humans able to earn their living and leading a peaceful and prosperous life.

These are not the only reasons; this is not the end of the list. It is a never-ending list as education is a very important phase and that’s why education should be a right.

By: Riya Chaudhary