Education Is Not A Commodity

Education News | Jul-25-2020

Education Is Not A Commodity

Education is not a commodity. Education is a fundamental right every citizen should have. Education and knowledge have no limits nor they are time-bound. Education is really vast! Then how can we compare it with commodity? Education cannot be sold, it should be accessible to both rich and poor.

No one should be denied an education. In India, children cannot get a good quality of education because they or their parents cannot afford the fees of a good school. Does it mean the more you pay, the more good quality of education you will get? Everyone should be taught equally.
Do some people even realize that they are risking a person's or a child's career by indulging in business education?
The government should appoint good and qualified teachers in rural areas as well so that everyone learns and do something better in the future.
Good and golden were those days when children used to sit under the same tree and used to learn! 
But today there are several institutions that promote themselves just for the sake of good business.
People should understand that education is a right of every citizen. A time will come when the poor will not just beg for money but also for education.
A small cobbler's son also dream to become an astronaut!
A maids daughter also dreams to become an engineer!
Education should be equitable and accessible to all.

By: Tanushka Sharma

Class 11

Bharat National Public School

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