Education & Unemployment In India

Education News | Jun-12-2021

Education & Unemployment In India

In simplest terms, unemployment occurs when someone could work and wants to work but is unable to find employment. Or it can be said that when the proportion of the population of a country is less than the employment opportunities, the problem of unemployment arises in that place. There can be many reasons for rising unemployment such as increasing population, lack of education, industrialization, etc.

There is a close relation between Education and unemployment. Many researchers have already said that the population of India is illiterate in large proportions, so it is natural for unemployment to rise. But nowadays, there is a major problem along with illiteracy, the same kind of education to be chosen by every student. Just as we see many engineers wandering unemployed these days, it is because of the large number. Nowadays every student wants to follow others, they have no thought of his own, and they have just seen others and started choosing his area. As a result, there was a shortage of employment in that area and students in that area started remaining unemployed. Nowadays, it is common in the newspaper that even small jobs are applied for by well-educated people, because of their unemployment.

There is a deep connection between population growth and lack of education. As the population grew, neither the means of education nor the right to education was available to every child in the family. Even today, most of the population in India is illiterate. Parents were found unable to educate everyone because of more children in the family, as a result of which either the right to education was taken away from the daughters in the family or the older children of the family were taught to drop out of their studies and pay wages due to lack of money. The consequences of which they had to go ahead and suffer in the form of unemployment.

The industry and production did not increase according to the growing population. It's also a cause of rising unemployment. Rapid industrialization is also a cause of rising unemployment. Earlier handicrafts were done in India, which was world-famous, but due to industrialization, the art disappeared and its artists were unemployed.

How unemployment can be reduced in India:
The government has launched several schemes to reduce unemployment in India. If these schemes are spread properly, there may be a reduction in unemployment.

  • By controlling the growing population
  • Start your own business, now the government is also providing business loans.
  • If experience is given more importance than a degree in India, unemployment in India may come down.
  • By providing good quality education.
  • By giving more focus on practical part rather than theory one.

By: Nihal Rathour


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