Education V/S Learning

Education News | Aug-08-2022

Education V/S Learning

Education can be depicted as the securing of information through a course of getting or giving deliberate guidance. Learning can be characterized as the obtaining of information on ways of behaving, abilities, values, or inclinations.

Learning alludes to a scholarly course of procuring new abilities and information, through experience, study, or education. Education is an edifying course of getting and giving information, through precise guidance. To manage future activities and foster new information.

Both Education and Learning are two words that are connected with the securing of information. The primary contrast between training and learning is that learning is the procurement of information or abilities through review, insight, or being educated while training is the method involved with getting or giving precise guidance, particularly on an everyday schedule.

Learning is a process that results in relatively long-lasting changes in the individual’s behavior by way of training and experience. On the other hand, education is a systematic process of imparting or gaining knowledge, developing the basic skills of reasoning and judgment, and preparing an individual to live a mature and mannered life.

Education regularly happens under the direction of an instructor. Learning doesn't need a teacher or direction.

Learning is a cycle, that plays a significant part to play in forming the construction of our character and conduct as an individual. As against, Education is a means of realizing which targets expanding the inside and out improvement of the understudy, as well as to make socialization of people eliminate no and generalizations from the general public.

By : Anirudh Sharma
Government Senior Secondary School Bopara