Effect of COVID 19 On Climate Change

Education News | Jun-06-2021

Effect Of COVID 19 On Climate Change

The whole country has been facing a lockdown stage for the last 68 days; wherein all the industries are closed due to COVID 19. During the lockdown, a drastic change was in the environment as a positive sign, like the sky is clear. There is no type of air pollution due to lockdown in the country factories, and many other sources that are foremost responsible for air pollution are closed or stopped. As a result, we can see the birds are roaming freely in the sky, in water like Ganga, Yamuna, and various other rivers. Their water gets purer due to the lockdown as not any type of waste material is not disposing of in the river. The government has done a massive project to clean the Ganga-river, but it is not effective as the lockdown or COVID has gifted to nature.

People are now days realizing their fault which they have done for wasting the environment and the importance of the environment to protect the life of every individual. It is an essential effect of COVID 19, where maximum living being realizes the importance of nature. COVID-19's increased waste also affected waste management systems. Reduced employment/workers declined recycling efforts, which further compounded challenges in collecting and disposing of general waste. Municipal budgets were weakened as compared to increased healthcare costs and implemented social security regulations. Governments introduced many limitations to the volume of recycling activities to reduce the risk of virus infection.
There have been many direct and indirect impacts of the covid19 pandemic, which made us realized in the short term that until and unless it's not an urgency for us to don't destroy the environment and utilize the resources we have. We all need to stand up and work out how we can play a part in protecting and rehabilitating the earth's biodiversity.
The primary focus will be on building back with sustainability in mind will be critical for our future prosperity.
There should be a proper way of learning to protect the environment, and people are to be aware of their rights and duties about it.

By: Tanya Sharma