Emotional Intelligence in Education system.

Emotional Intelligence in Education system.

Emotional Intelligence is one of the important terms in Education that we all tend to avoid. Our Indian education system faces a lot of problems which gives a tough time to students at their younger age when they believe they are ready for the world. The biggest problem which they have to face is the complex grading system. It judges the intelligence of a student on the basis of their intellectual level, how much they have scored in their monthly tests. We generalize success with marks and which automatically forces students to work harder for gaining a rank. Furthermore, we see how the Indian education system giving much importance to theory. It is more crucial today than ever before that students are academically prepared to compete for knowledge and technology-based jobs. However, the students who are not prepared for the world emotionally can face a lot of trauma and tension. Their economic and social costs can be extremely high. The fact that much of the other important talents in academic success remains unaccounted. There has been increased research on the role of emotional and social competency has in academic success. According to the research, the prevailing competition gives much stress to the students. And the matter of the fact, it is being assumed that students, when they grow up, will automatically be social and emotionally competent. 

If society notices any sort of grey or rare mood in his personality, for example socially or emotionally, he is labeled as incapable of adapting the social pace of society. And that’s how their downfall starts. Thus, it is very important to develop emotional and social skills in children, along with academic performances. It should be given key consideration, and it can be done primarily in schools or colleges.

By: Sushmita Jha

Content:  https://www.researchgate.net/publication/332682436_The_Role_of_Emotional_Intelligence_in_Education

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