Entrepreneurship: A Journey, Not a Destination

Education News | Apr-15-2021

Entrepreneurship: A Journey, Not a Destination

The word Entrepreneur seems very cool to the people of today’s world. It feels like something that a person wants to be without even knowing what it is about. And that is what’s happening to the youth of our world and mainly of our country. Without knowing about the proper meaning of the word Entrepreneur, people are dropping out of college, jumping at any opportunity to become that, to proclaim themselves as Entrepreneurs. But little do they know that Entrepreneurship is neither a title that needs to be achieved, nor it is a destination to arrive. It’s merely a journey that has no proper ending to it. The successful “Entrepreneurs” of this world do not have a finish line they need to cross. The expectation to finish in the journey won’t let you get out of your comfort zone and try for something new which no one had thought about yet. 

The followers cannot be “Entrepreneurs”, only those can be who have the knack for changing the world, diving into something they do not know the way out of, trying to take a risk, and succeeding as well after a number of setbacks. 

A person who is afraid of the outcome doesn’t want to know the result in the fear of failure, ends up as a “Wantrepreneur” rather than an Entrepreneur. If a person is putting out a good quality of time and work in their process, the result is deemed to be a positive one. The people who figure this little thing out, know their way of destination as well. In Entrepreneurship, a person is their boss, at the same time indulging in different amounts of risks. It’s a journey where you’ll see achievement but along with a lot of failures as well. 

A person needs to deal with that failure all on their own, one might cope with that failure through extra hard work, others might lose interest for some time, resulting in even more setbacks. One cannot procrastinate if one strives to become an “Entrepreneur”. Students follow the same process of going to a college, getting a degree, taking educational loans, getting a job, then paying off the loan through their monthly salary. Things do not have to be like that. That doesn’t mean that opting out of college and going for Entrepreneurship is that easy. No path is. Both the journeys are different in their way, requiring a lot of work on both paths. Entrepreneurship in many ways is even more of a complex journey as you break out of the long followed stereotype and build your path towards success. 

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