Evolution Of Computers

Education News | Jul-15-2020

Evolution Of Computers

As we know modern problem needs modern solutions. However, it has been achieved in a more prestigious way which is that much simple only with the consistent changes in the technology and as of now, everyone knows that IT sectors are spreading with fast speed and in the ample. It has taken root deep down into the daily livelihood of individuals. Moreover, if we talk in terms of the more condensed way then computer emerges out with very popular terminology as it has been helping to mankind whether it's in their daily routine or for business purpose criteria. The evolution of computers has proved to be the most beneficial thing for mankind and this proved in the times of Pandemic also. How we would be able to operate with such a huge population living on Earth if no computers were there. All information is just a click away by sitting at home. Somewhere we start from the beginning as it has begun with the concept of a digital programmable computer developed by Charles Babbage. Then with a couple of decades, it enhances its growth and development in the working sector. It has created a supercomputer, mainframe, computer, laptops, etc. With the upcoming upgrade, it updates its features in the best possible manner. It had started with not that much dependency on the computer but within a couple of decades, it has become one of the most important parts for everyone.

It gathers ample amount of information, you can be able to connect with anyone whenever you want. In the early stages of computing fax then email and later on many apps have taken place to make people interact with each other. Moreover, it evaporates unnecessary struggle that we had to do but providing more enhancing features that accommodate us in a compatible manner.
It changes like an eminence to the technology. Nowadays, everyone has a computer and used to do their work with the help of it.

By: Aditya Sharma

School: Mahaveer Public School

Class: 10th

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