Fast Food Should Be Banned In School

Education News | Aug-04-2021

Fast Food Should Be Banned In School

America is known as the biggest consumer of fast food as per populations ratio. But the rest is not far behind. Junk food or so-called fast food has been declared hazardous when over consumed. Children are usually advised to not eat fast food due to many reasons- addiction to sugar, tooth decay, obesity, and artery blockage, etc. schools that provide lunches should keep in mind the health of the children and not serve packaged or processed food since it is not good for health.

Many countries have the regulation of providing mid-day meals to the kids where they can get sufficient calories and benefits of food. But due to the ever-looming presence of fast-food children are lured towards it. Many children get fast food from their homes. In this case, the school should establish a strict no fast food policy which would encourage the students to eat healthier. Canteens that sell fast food should be advised not to sell them to children, which would make the environment and health better.

The lesser consumption of fast food will also help the environment since most of the plastic packaging is used for fast food. Any shops or stalls nearby should be asked not to park anywhere near the school premises since it would lead to an acute craving for fast food. Schools and institutions can hold a regular informative class which teaches how to take care of our body and the side effects of fast food. Prohibition of fast food in school can lead to a downfall in obesity levels all over the world.

By: Kanak
Gaurs International School