Free Education For Students

Education News | Oct-02-2021


Education can be an effective weapon for the people, but nowadays, it is mostly governed by corruption. To improve the development of a country, all the citizens of that country should be educated. Still, in many circumstances, they are not able to achieve it due to financial differences. If education is made free, then the country will start developing the country, which will lead the country in the right direction. Education should be accessible to everyone because an educated citizen acts as a more productive citizen. Nearly every country in the developed world provides free primary and secondary education to its citizens. In today’s society, education plays an even more critical role in developing our world.

Nowadays, students pay money to study and learn to be part of the Institute. Unfortunately, not every student can do so, for most of them do not have strong financial support to both enter the schools they want and continue their future studies. When it comes to education, learning should be free from all charges for everyone. First, free education encourages students to do better. When a student is relieved from the education charges, he thoroughly appreciates that he no longer has to think about it again. Therefore, he, too, tries to study better as a way of appreciating this opportunity. Second, students are not the only ones who develop here, even society too. By offering students the opportunity to continue their studies, society will gain a reliable, productive workforce to improve results. Generally, statistics show that the countries that support their students’ education are the most advanced ones in innovation and creativity. In conclusion, education should stay equally available to everyone, regardless of their income. This is fair, but this will also make sure that countries can prosper and develop into future evolution with a well-educated workforce.

By: Bhavika Sabharwal
Tagore Public School