Free Resources to Help with Remote Learning in 2021

Education News | Feb-06-2023

 Free Resources to Help with Remote Learning in 2021

The academic year 2021 has brought a lot of changes to higher education. Faculty, instructional designers, and IT professionals are choosing more carefully the technology they use to teach and engage students. During the immediate transition to remote learning, hundreds of education-related businesses, nonprofits, and other organizations offered their software and services for free. However, many of these businesses have become more thoughtful about how they can assist educators in mastering online and blended instruction. This updated collection of free resources for online, hybrid, and in-person learning in 2022 has been compiled after we sifted through their offerings.

The exact circumstances result in the same outcomes. Every crisis provides an opportunity for creativity, and teachers who have been employing the same strategies year after year were forced to experiment with digital resources and solutions to keep students engaged and on track to meet educational objectives.
Even though a physical classroom is still important, students are getting better prepared for the modern world by using digital technology more, especially with remote learning.

Online learning provides teachers or tutors with the opportunity to schedule one-on-one time with struggling students without the distraction of other students in an environment where student mobility is increasingly under scrutiny. When they are not surrounded by their peers, shy students may also feel more confident in asking for clarification.

Students have advanced their proficiency in navigating their education online by interacting with e-learning solutions. Schools have also become more tech-savvy due to the creation of digital classrooms, and they are using this new knowledge to improve their teaching methods, regardless of whether students are in the classroom or learning at home.

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