Future of Technology: A Detailed Review of Gadgets from The Future

Future of Technology: A Detailed Review of Gadgets from The Future

Technology is a gift of Science. It can be defined as a sum of techniques, skills, methods, and processes that would never replace good teachers but are often transformed within the hands of excellent teachers. A survey conducted, an average human being spends about $1,200 in the U.S. on electronic gadgets. Technology has made our life simpler, easier, and more comfortable. By inventing more and more tech gadgets and modernization, it has brought a social change in our country.

Here is the list of some of the most fantastic gadgets that our grand-children will likely be using in the future.

  1. A 3 Doodler or 3D Pen, which works on the principle of extruding plastic that cools down quickly and makes a solid stable structure. It allows an individual to create freehand three-dimensional objects.
  2. A laundry-folding machine, FoldiMate, a robotic laundry folding machine, slightly larger than a typical washer. It can easily fold shirts, tops, trousers, and dresses.
  3. A Portable printer or Pen printer is one of the best devices for students who require printing on the go. Easy to handle because it is sleek with minimalist design and fits in almost any bag pack. Also, convenient for office use. As we are making everything paperless in the coming years, this will help our future generation.
  4. UV Towel drier hanger is another great invention that keeps the towel clean, healthy, and drier. It is well equipped with 'Towel rack', 'Blast drying', 'UV light', and an 'auto-off function'. So, no more wet towels with bacteria.
  5. After LCD and LED screen types, electronic engineers have come up with transparent screens. OLED is one of the types of transparent screens which is composed of a couple of layers of plastic. OLED screen does not require much electricity as plastic emits light on its own.
  6. For all those karaoke lovers, who don't want to bother their neighbors. The Noiseless USB karaoke mic is the best for you as it comes with a veritable cone-of-silence.

Technology enhances our country and makes it more developed. It is a gift to humanity but we must look out that we don't become so mechanized or robots in the future that we lose human interactions or feelings. Tech has made our work so easier, simpler, comfortable, and raised our standard of living.

By- Sakshi Bhardwaj

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