Gardening as a Part of Education

Gardening as a Part of Education

Our education systems have reached heights and have made it easier for us, students to get to know about things not only from our books but also from the world, our environment, nature and its components. Play-based learning is a new way of teaching which has made it much easier for students to understand concepts as compared to other traditional ways. This is because play-based learning helps one in learning things practically with life lessons and not theoretically with just our books. Lessons taught by these mediums are remembered by students for a longer period of time as it is easier to understand activities as compared to paragraphs from books.

We all have studied about environment and nature from our childhood; when our mom used to plant flowers with us or as a part of academics in all classes. Gardening is one of the most common ways through which we can contribute to our very own nature. We all have studied about plants, their types, their mode of reproduction and what not! This means, that our plant kingdom is a part of education.  What about gardening?

Gardening is a practical way to learn and understand the plant kingdom. This means that it is a very important component of education. If students will learn these things out of their books then they will remember it for a longer period of time and they will also be able to protect nature in future. They will also be able to become independent and can have their own little kitchen gardens in future. Thus, the conclusion is that gardening is a significant part of our education systems and it should be compulsory for students to learn and practice it in schools.

Toshani Mehra

Delhi Public School, Greater Noida



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