Girl Child Education & Gender Equality

Education News | Aug-13-2021

Girl Child Education & Gender Equality

In the present world, equality has become an important need. People want equality in all fields like religion, color, rights, and gender. We also have achieved equality in these fields but in gender, we still have some way to go. Both boys and girls are born equal but it is the society that discriminates between them. When a boy is born people say that the boy will carry their name to greater heights but when a girl is born, people get a little bit tensed about her marriage. There is a narrow mindset that the girls should be at home and boys should be working also the girls should be vulnerable and weak while boys should be virile.

These thoughts have changed after a long period. Now, most people have changed their mindset about girls and boys. They think about girls and boys on an equal level. Even the government has started with so many initiatives like Girl Child, Sukanya, Beti Bachao Beti Padhao, and many more. Now the society has a greater acceptance and respect for girls. They treat them with better food, better health, and education. They have got many opportunities in employment with equal wages as men.

However, some sections of society are still not able to accept these changes. There is still not much freedom provided to girls by some people. The true freedom of a girl lies in the elimination of crime against them, more opportunities for growth, and absolute freedom to live their life with the right to an opinion, complaint, and respect. The criminals who don't respect the dignity of a lady and commit inhuman crimes such as exploiting, raping, and killing should be punished severely regardless of their post and wealth to ensure a secure future for other women.

By: Abhishikta Pal
Ramjas School, R.K.Puram