Good Manners In A Classroom

Education News | May-03-2021

Good Manners In A Classroom

The classroom can be defined in simple words as a place where people of similar age or interests formally sit together to learn. It is a learning space. It is said that there is no fixed age to learn and one should never stop learning. The place where a pre-schooler sits to learn and a place where a university student sits to learn; both are classrooms. As it is said to be a formal gathering or a formal place, so there are certain good manners which one should follow there. So, let’s know about some good manners in a classroom.

o Reaching class on time: As it’s a formal place, not your friend’s house, a certain time is fixed for the beginning and end of the class. One should adhere to the timing and reach the class on time else it could lead to distraction and disturbance among other students and even the instructor could mark you absent.

o Being prepared for the class: It’s the instructor’s job or duty to teach us, but not to spoon-feed us. Coming prepared for the class is very important. Coming prepared includes bringing notebooks, textbooks, notes, our doubts, and assignments to the class and submitting them on time. Being prepared for attempting tests and quizzes by revising beforehand is also very beneficial.

o Switching mobile phones off: We can’t even imagine our lives without our phones but keeping in mind that a classroom is a formal place, it is very important to switch our phones off to concentrate on the class without disturbing other classmates from continuous calls and notifications.

o Attending every class: An attentive student who attends a maximum number of classes is more likely to pass with a higher grade than an inattentive one who bunks classes most of the time. Attending every class is very important till it’s an emergency. If by chance a class is missed it’s our responsibility to take separate time from our instructor and understand the topics taught in that class.

Thus, let’s keep in mind these good classroom manners and make the classroom a happy fun place.

By: Toshani Mehra

Delhi Public School, Greater Noida