Govt. issues SOPs for classes IX-XII

Education News | Sep-10-2020

Govt. issues SOPs for classes IX-XII

The Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) issued by the MHA have several health and safety measures listed to make sure that students can attend classes safely and do not lose out on their academics. The Ministry of Home Affairs has issued the rules for the reopening of faculties for college kids of classes 9th to 12th from September 21, 2020. the faculties all across the country are closed since March thanks to the continued Covid-19 pandemic. it's stated within the guidelines that physical distancing of a minimum of 6 feet is to be followed as far as feasible. Similarly, physical distancing shall even be maintained in staff rooms, office areas (including reception area), and other places (mess, libraries, cafeterias, etc.)

As per the SOPs, assemblies, sports, and events which will cause overcrowding are strictly prohibited. The usage of face masks and regular washing of hands with soap is mandatory for all students and staff present on campus. It is also stated that schools outside the containment zones only shall be allowed to open. Further, students, teachers, and employees living in containment zones won't be allowed to attend the varsity. Students, teachers, and employees shall even be advised to not visit areas falling within containment zones. it's also stated that swimming pools (wherever applicable) shall remain closed and gymnasiums shall follow MoHFW guidelines.

The school must display State helpline numbers and also numbers of local health authorities etc. to teachers /students/employees to contact just in case of any emergency. For air-conditioning/ventilation, — the temperature setting of all air con devices should be within the range of 24-30o C, the ratio should be within the range of 40-70%, intake of fresh air should be the maximum amount as possible, and cross ventilation should be adequate.
Lockers of scholars will remain in use, as long as physical distancing and regular disinfection is maintained, stated the Union Ministry of Home Affairs.

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