Graffiti walls or Display boards in classrooms

Graffiti walls or Display boards in classrooms

Display boards have been in classrooms since the walls of classrooms was identified all white. It must be someone's thought to put up display boards full of creativity, information and knowledge for students. With the help of display boards, many school teachers promote this thought by asking their students to make creative charts full of colour and picture - content. A classroom environment revolves around only subjects of studies that a student should make understood. With this thought of display boards, students often get thoughts of escaping their boredom and view and hence if content put up on the display boards. These display boards include information of scholastic chapter and various topics of knowledge that a student should follow.

On the other side, Graffiti walls are a new form of presenting the art of an artist. These walls are inclusive of rich-colourful content with a message along. By using 'Graffiti', the purpose behind the art is to tell a story about specific moments where everything is natural and real. Graffiti artist follows this phenomenon to voice about personalities culture, art, places, society also sometimes politics to express a message of thinking for the viewers.

As a creative idea, what if the classrooms had Graffiti walls instead of display boards around them? Ever wondered students learning topics along with their teachers with more concentration and focus! So this is possible if Graffiti walls are included in student classrooms or in the corridors of schools to present a picture of creativity and learning. Colours play a dominant role in conveying messages or information to the audience. Each colour in the palate holds its importance that is disseminated by the best use of content.
Graffiti walls could be an experience of total extravaganza for children around them. When walking in streets, a person visits walls of Graffiti they often pose in front of that Wall for the best picture content. It has observed by Graffiti artists all around the world.
Graffiti is becoming an identified culture of art, why not schools and universities also adopt this art culture for their students for interactive learning full of fun.

With Graffiti walls, we can replace display boards, an outdated idea followed since the 20th century. In many American schools, Graffiti has adopted by putting up a white wall where students can write their principles for their most obeyed quotes from famous personalities for growth and their development. By giving a personal corner to a child, this can influence a feeling of compassion and acknowledgement so that a student could also experience that they belong to place.

We can involve Graffiti in subjects of art and craft, geography or literature from the Shakespeare Era to teach students about the rich cultures, traditions and unavoidable history. Graffiti walls can become an overall success when it comes to creative thinking and innovative ideas acknowledgement. There is a big universe existing of artists where school students find them their idols. For the students who have a love for art and craft will experience more of the Graffiti walls around them.

By Kanika Vij

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