Harmful Effects Of Artificial Sweeteners

Education News | Jul-28-2020

 Harmful Effects Of Artificial Sweeteners

Sugar substitute known as “Artificial Sweeteners” are chemical added to beverages or foods to make them sweet. They increase the risk of cancer and also affect blood sugar and gut health. Some people use them to reduce weight and control blood sugar. They provide taste similar to normal sugar but hundreds to several thousand times sweeter. Sometimes they provide zero calories. Our tongue has many taste buds that contain several taste receptors that help us in taste. When we eat our taste receptors encounter food molecules, send the signal to our brain to identify the taste. The shape of the molecule of artificial sweeteners is very similar to a sugar molecule to fit on the sweetness receptor.

Artificial sweeteners sometimes cause symptoms like headaches, depression, and seizures to some people and sometimes it does not show any side effects. Some facts about artificial sweeteners are given below:

1. These artificial sweeteners are not at all safe and healthy because they are made of synthetic substances and are not easy to digest because of these reasons some sweeteners are banned in several countries.

2. Artificial sweeteners have components like Acesulfame potassium or Ace K and Aspartame while these components are banned across many countries.

3. If you are consuming artificial sweeteners on a daily basis it results in lowers metabolism and lack of balance of insulin and glucagon.

4. In various research, it is found that artificial sweeteners cause dangerous diseases like chronic kidney diseases.

5. It has a direct effect on gut bacteria that affect metabolism and leads to weight gain.

By: Aditya Raj Awasthi

Class 6

Pinnacle National School