Healthy Lifestyle For Students

Education News | Jun-29-2021

Healthy Lifestyle For Students

Nowadays school and college routines have mixed up with each other, both being equally hectic for the students. The school wants their children to study and learn as much as they can, they drown them in books which has no end to it. Whereas, the colleges drown the students in lectures and assignments. Even though college life is still flexible, we tend to ignore our lifestyle to indulge in social life in our free time. Overall, due to hyperactivity and stress, the students often time find it hard to keep up a proper lifestyle. They do not eat and live healthily. But, to stay fit, a proper lifestyle is required for every youngster to follow.

We, as students have to juggle between our hobbies, career, social life, and have to help in the household work and a lot more in just one day. Oftentimes, we do not get sufficient time to spend on stuff that we like. For example: not getting enough time to scroll Instagram and Facebook, or not getting time to read that novel we wanted for so long, or talking to that person we never get the time to talk to. To complete these agendas, we often end up staying awake most of the night. Either this results in lacking in the department of sleeping or waking up late for classes.

The lack of sleep in either situation results in a cranky mood or lack of energy to go about in our daily tasks. Further, it also results in affecting our mental health in many ways-

Maintain a proper sleep schedule:

Do keep up a sleeping schedule no matter what. If it is enough for you to sleep for 5 hours, do fix a time and a pattern of sleep. Do not break that pattern, if done so will affect your daily tasks.

Try meditation and mindful exercises:

We as students are often under a lot of pressure. The ton of studying along with homework, projects, assignments that we need to take care of. School becomes a huge deal as well because the teachers tend to ask a lot of random questions for which we might not be ready at that moment, affecting our pattern of study. It becomes quite hectic for us. This pattern may result in affecting our mental health a lot more than we may realize. That is why being stress-free is important. Try out meditations and mindful yogas which will help you in that department.

Relax and take time for yourself:

Taking time for yourself is very important when it comes to living a holistic life. The study is a part of our life, but along with that balancing our hobbies and relaxing is also equally important.

Meet with your friends and Socialize:

Meeting like-minded people gives you a lot of points of view about every part of life. Even if it is not possible to meet physically, having group calls and conferences gives you a feeling of connectedness.

Take the help of apps to track your day:

In this new age world, apps and software are our everyday help to get things done. In this case, if you are unable to balance everything on time, there are apps and platforms which will help you in keeping a track of your overall day and let you lead a balanced life.

By: Anisha Sen


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