High Calories Foods to Gain Weight

High Calories Foods to Gain Weight

A calorie is a unit that is used to measure the amount of energy supplied to the body by diet. Weight loss occurs when people burn more calories than they consume leading to muscle atrophy, weakened immunity, and organ failure. Though eating too many calories leads to weight gain also eating too many calories causes increases in chances of heart disease, type II diabetes, and cancer.
Healthy high-calorie foods include the given below along with granola, meats, tofu, fish, avocados, whole grains, and nuts.
Protein Smoothies
Consuming homemade protein smoothies can be very nutritious and a quick way to gain weight.
Making smoothies like Caramel apple shake, Chocolate hazelnut shake is the best way since commercial versions are often full of sugar and lacks the required nutrients and it also gives you full control over the flavor and nutrient content.
Milk has always been used as a weight gainer or muscle builder for centuries. Milk provides a good balance of proteins, carbs, and fats and is considered as a good source of calcium, vitamins, and minerals .peoples who are trying to add more muscle, milk is an excellent protein source. Research has even shown that it can also help you add muscle when combined with weight lifting and exercise.
Rice is one of the convenient and low-cost sources to help you gain weight. Just 1 cup of cooked rice provides 190 calories, 43 grams of carbs, and quiet a fat. It is also calorie-dense, which can help you to eat more food, especially if you have a poor appetite or get full quickly. Two-minute packs of boiled rice can be easily added to other protein sources and pre-made meals.
Chia Seeds
chia seeds are considered a great option among the best high-calorie foods. As they are full of fiber, omega-3, and proteins. Though they're tiny, a single tablespoon still contains 70 calories, so people can easily add an extra 200 calories to that smoothie without even realizing it.
So, these are some of the food options that are dense with calories.

By:- Saksham Gupta

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