How Are Hurricanes Formed

How Are Hurricanes Formed

Hurricanes can cause huge disasters. Hurricanes are called cyclones in the southern hemisphere, typhoons in the Philippines, and Japan and hurricanes in America.

The formation of a hurricane is a complex process. Factors like wind speed, wind direction, temperature, and humidity contribute to this process.

  •  Sun heats the surface of ocean water. The warm water in turn heats the air above it creating a low-pressure zone. Due to the low-pressure moist air begins to rise rapidly, which creates a strong upward wind that rotates spirally.
  • This warm air rises high up in the atmosphere which cools to form clouds.
  • The heat released after condensation in the atmosphere warms the air around. Again, a low-pressure zone is created and more air rushes to its center. This cycle continues.
  • This chain of events ends with the formation of a very low-pressure system. The weather condition consisting of a system of high-speed winds revolving around a central area of very low pressure is called a hurricane.

Preventions from a hurricane

  • Do not drink or eat contaminated food and water as it could infect us from several harmful diseases.
  • Do not touch wet switches and other electrical appliances as we could get san electric shock.
  • We should not spread rumors at all.
  • We should store necessary things beforehand; such things include extra clean food and water and of course a first aid kit.
  • Avoid driving through the roads and do not get out just for fun.
  • Help your neighbors, friends, family, and all other people who need your help when you are capable enough to help them.

By: Toshani Mehra                                                          

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