How Can E-Technology Help Farmers Come Out Of Hardships

Education News | May-12-2021

How Can E-Technology Help Farmers Come Out Of Hardships

The farmers are the biggest helping hand of our country. Approximately 80 percent of the population is involved in agriculture. The farmers deal with various types of challenges. The problem is that farmers do not get the value of their produce. They don't have effective equipment and high-level quality pesticides to save their crops from mites, diseases, and insects. Indian farmers do not have crop yields to understand soil health. They also do not understand new agriculture techniques. Technology will help maximum challenges that farmers are facing. Let's talk about modern crop protection measures farmers don't have new environment-friendly pesticides our farmers have fewer new pesticides. Advance technology has the strength to contribute them new pesticides.

This will overcome the chemicals process in agriculture, and this is environmentally friendly and safe for humans as well. Farmers don't access to utilize the latest irrigation methods. Technology will provide high-tech storage facilities that will overcome post-harvest losses. There's a possibility for growth by the agriculture industry to the digital era. Technology is the rescue of the hardships of farmers that they are facing. Agriculture is the main area for food security, nutritional security, and sustainable development in India.

Indian farmers do not have the knowledge or techniques to use modern irrigation methods, as found in nations, for example, America, China. India is a vast country with many limitations in geography and limitations in geography and population, farming methods, and agro-climate zones. It is very difficult for each farmer to transfer technology on an individual basis. In the context of agriculture, the potential of IT can be roughly assessed under two heads. As a tool for direct contribution to agriculture productivity, and as an indirect tool for informing farmers and making quality decisions, this will have a favorable impact on agricultural activities.

Technology, for example, deep learning can play an important role in giving important data to farmers on various topics of soil health, practices for planting, checking animal health, right financial support, and suitable government schemes for availing benefits. We know development is a process that takes few years to change and transform rural life. Mobile technology is playing a major role in controlling crop irrigation systems, also with these latest techniques, a farmer can control his irrigation system with a computer or phone instead of running it in each field. New technology will be in a position to change the landscape of rural life and create better avenues for rural development.

By- Srishti Rathod