How Computers And Technologies Are Changing The Vision Of The World?

How Computers And Technologies Are Changing The Vision Of The World?

Computers can help you decide what to do in your life. Computers combined with Artificial Intelligence have together created a world-changing age, the age of technology. The world is changing and so is the technology around it. The phase of the technology started from the creation of a light bulb to create the thinnest smartphone ever possible. Technology has no limits. People's vision of the future is now changing.
But remember if the computer can make the world, it can destroy it too.

The adaptation of technology has taken a great extent even from the village to cities. Technology is just like clay, it can be molded as wanted. People are using computers and technology to do the difficult work in their life. Computers are helping on various platforms. From flying obstacle avoidance drones to automatic driving cars everything uses computers these days. As computers grow, it changes the vision of people around them. The human thus gets his hands on computers to start something new. People's idea of going to Mars can't be successful without the correct use of computers. Computers are like builders of a huge building but it is just that the building is actually the Universe. Without computers, humans might have not survived in tough times. Computers have helped humans in many huge epidemics, from sars to aids. Don't forget with the correct use of computers, humans will soon defeat Corona Virus. Computers have huge power, it automatically comes to someone when it thinks if he or she has the ability to control the power of the computers.

Computers have changed the world to a great extent, it helps you to calculate huge formulas in your small smartphones, send huge files to anyone on the globe, studying online, etc. The world will continue to change until computers exist. Keeping people totally free from stress, computers will keep changing the vision of the world.

By: Daksh Gupta

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