How Deforestation Affects the Climate

Education News | Mar-05-2022

How Deforestation Affects the Climate

Deforestation is one of the most common and major threats to the environment. It is cutting down trees over a large area to clear lands for construction, agricultural purposes, to provide grazing lands for animals, and also in the name of development.

Less amount of oxygen due to deforestation leads to the increased rate of carbon dioxide in the air which increases the earth’s temperature and is known as global warming. Global warming can be the major cause of forest fires, the melting of mountain peaks, and also holes in the ozone layer; the layer which protects the earth from burning under the sun’s heat. Thus, protecting our environment is very vital for our future.

Our future is something we can’t predict. It is designed from our steps and actions along the path, which gives us a chance to change it into something prosperous. Similarly, it is in our hands to worsen the condition of the environment or improve it for the best.

We destroyed the environment without considering our survival about it and called it development. We use resources like they are unlimited, cut trees like they are waste. The question is, for how long? Children today are citizens tomorrow and for the sake of our future and that of future generations, let’s join hands and nurture the beauty of nature.

To make up for our mistakes, let us all encourage afforestation, use resources wisely, and spread awareness.

By : Toshani Mehra
Delhi Public School Greater Noida