How Does Counseling Help?

How Does Counseling Help?

Counselling in simple words means a person who will keep your talk safe, and you can trust them and tell them anything.

There are somethings which we feel we can't tell to our close ones due to some reason. And sometimes we can't keep these things only to us and we feel to talk to someone, believe me, "Counsellor" is there to help us.

In our society people have the mentality that if we visit a counsellor we are declaring that our mental situation is wrong.

Let me give you an example I had some problems which I couldn't tell my parents and day by day these problems were making me suffer. So I decided to consult a counsellor initially I was also afraid just like everyone to talk to a counsellor, but I knew it was important and I had to, so I did. I felt good it just felt like a burden is no more and by talking to them you will only feel grateful that your decision was correct to talk to them.

They just make you feel so comfortable that we end up open things to them. And they help us give us advice which will certainly to overcome the problems.

They not only tell us the solutions but also guides in every way and they talk to us so calmly, patiently compare our lives and tell that problems our in every life no matter what happened to calm yourself down and never take any decision in anger.

They engaged us into their talk as if we knew them before.
In my view, we should consult a counsellor and tell them everything which is bothering us.

Deepanshi Manchanda 

Ramjas School

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