How Humans Influence Climate Change?

Education News | May-25-2020

How Humans Influence Climate Change?

Humans have contributed to a large number of inventions and climate change and global warming are their major inventions. Humans have contributed their entire life to global warming and now it is at a very high level. Humans produce a major portion of the greenhouse gases. Humans have given rise to machines that are now polluting not only air but the harmful effluents ejected by the industries without treatment pollutes water on the surface and the groundwater also. Humans have been taking part in deforestation for urbanization which affects the environment. The cutting of trees leads to an increase in soil erosion and also an increase in the level of carbon dioxide in the environment.

Humans have invented cars which use fuels and emits various harmful gases like sulphur dioxide, nitrous dioxide and many more. Sulfur dioxide and nitrous dioxide compose a major part of acid rain. This acid rain affects not only the non-living things but plants also. Acid rain mixes with the water bodies and affects the aquatic animals. Humans also burn fossil fuels that emit greenhouse gases and affects the atmosphere of the earth. These greenhouse gases trap the solar radiations and do not lets them escape because of which the temperature of the earth's atmosphere rises and leads to climate change.

It is humans only who have invented nuclear power which causes an enormous amount of destruction and also emits a huge amount of greenhouse gases which affects nature in various ways. But nature also has some limits of tolerance. And if the limits of the tolerance of nature are reached then nature is not going to forgive anyone. Coronavirus is also a revenge of nature.

So, we all should not waste resources and should use them judiciously. All of us should follow the 5 R's to prevent our environment and our nature.

By: Harsh Yadav

School: S.D. Public School

Class: 10th

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