How technology affects human emotions

Education News | Nov-03-2020

How technology affects human emotions

Technology has impacted the lives of human beings largely. With the growing knowledge of artificial intelligence, humans are enjoying the luxury of technology in their lifestyles. From using mobile phones to assigning responsibilities to artificial intelligence, humans are using technology as much as possible. By utilising natural resources technology has a great role to play in all industries existing. Even in our day to day lives whether it's a 3-year-old child or for an 80-year-old adult all are enjoying the use of technology.

Self - Isolation: Smartphones are the new toys of human beings in the 21st century. From controlling our networks to controlling our emotions, smartphones have an immense role and impact on our lives. Many times we have observed that even in the social gatherings or in a professional environment every second person of the gathering is on their smartphone. During the dinner conversations, smartphones have been a constant topic for criticism. The reason behind such situations is the faceless relationships a person starts to build unknowingly which can later on results in self-isolation.

Social media and social networking: With regular use of smartphones, the internet has bound our lives too. Social media is the new wave that combines us with the global world all around. YouTube a popular Social media platform has been a magic multiplier of information for each citizen of the world who have an access to the internet. One can access all types of information with the help of connections or by social networking. Applications of social networking play a general role in popularizing information, personalities and ideas. Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and LinkedIn are some most used applications all over the world. These applications provide a source of cultures, art and fashion, business and events diversely.

Sense of relaxation: The ability to disassociate from the stressful environment is now also available through technology. Applications, tech - furniture, automobile modification or even electric bicycles are some graceful sources where each and every human wants to experience that luxury.

Solution for fitness: If someone wants to join a fitness routine there is a massive world existing on the Play Store from where applications related to a fitness regime can be downloaded for fitness freaks. Either a diet plan or a workout plan everything is available now on the internet that is facilitated by 21st century's technology.

 Lack of concentration: The trouble comes in when we start to prioritise technology-friendly life more than our human cultural life. Procrastination is the new terminology which is being supported by the youth of the globe. Even at the school parent-teacher meetings, there are workshops held to minimise the use of technology for children so that they could have a premium focused environment around them.

Mental issues: It's high time now to put a stop on the use of technology if it is exceeding its limits in our lives. Mental disorders such as temper tantrums, aggression and hypertension are now coming at the peak because of the regular practices of using technology in our daily lives. Therefore, this type of behaviour,  it starts to happen on regular basis can influence our overall intellectual power and can trigger impulsive behaviour in a human being. At some point in time, every human being comes to a breaking point where they realise an immense sensitive emotion coming all over them and hitting hard.

Cybercrime and defamation: Cases of cybercrime and bullying on social media have now on a rise due to the narcissistic bubble. Exploitations of cultures and traditions are now on an edge only because of adaptation of new cultures and forgetting the old ones for unnecessary reasons.

Therefore, It has been advised by counsellors that technology is in existence only for enhancing our lives. But if it starts to control us it should be put on a ban. And this ban should be executed only by us for our growth and development.

By Kanika Vij