How to find the best school for your child

Education News | Jan-11-2021

How to find the best school for your child

It is that time of the year when parents are busy finding the best school, they would like to have their child admitted to. Though the next academic year is still 3-4 months away, schools have started the admission process for nursery and first standards. 

While choosing the best school for your child, you should make sure that the school is not just bound to academics but also give importance to extracurricular activities. Parents get confused because there are thousands of options to choose from, but consider some of the essential elements that will make your child skilful and accomplished. 

 Students should pay equal attention to the intuitive and creative skill, and thus you should look for the best school in India which offers an all-inclusive development pattern. 

Here is a guide to all parents on they should find the best school in India:

  • Proximity to Home : As parents, you should look after your child's comfort and ensure that the school is nearby. Going to school should not be a hassle, and thus the child should reach in the shortest possible time whenever needed. Students should also have the time for their homework, social activities, and rest.
  • Teacher to student ratio : Studies have shown that students tend to learn more in smaller classes. A small batch of students ensures that teachers pay close attention to students, resulting in higher grades and better performance in their examination and non-academics activities. There should be one teacher for every 30-35 students per class as a rule of thumb.

    Admissions Open In Delhi Public School,GBN Noida For The Session 2021-22
  • Infrastructure : To find the best school for your child, make sure that the school's infrastructure is adequately designed. School buildings, playgrounds, classrooms, and libraries have a significant role in schools' infrastructure.
    The building should be spacious so that children can roam easily. There should be well-equipped labs to help them effectively perform lab activities. The infrastructure should consist of library halls, large playgrounds, and sports equipment that enables students to use them efficiently. 
    The modern infrastructure allows students to have a wide variety of facilities that provide them with an extra edge over the potential students.  
  • Healthy Environment : The learning capabilities of students can decline because of over crowdedness and a stressful environment. Suppose the school is situated in a vulnerable environment, such as around a location where it is noisy. It lacks the fundamental element of an appropriate place, resulting in the student's understanding level getting affected. The best school in India provides an environment that fosters a child's overall development. The external conditions play a vital role in providing a positive impact on the student's life.
    The best school in India follows precise regulations while taking in students as it is one of the most critical factors which can prove fruitful for your child. 
  • Safety and Security : A safe learning environment is important for better education and development. Safety at school provides children an encouraging environment that promotes social and creative learning. If children's safety is not put-on priority, the children may stop showing at school. Therefore, it is important finding a school that encourages a healthy environment.
  • Ample Extracurricular Activities : Extracurricular activities have an important role in developing children, which helps in teaching leadership and social skills.
    When children are involved with different activities such as creative art, music, dance, or sports sessions, it gives them a break from long, tiring classes. These activities foster the intuitive and intellectual skills of students. Extracurricular activities also help students in focusing interest in academics as well.
    When you are looking for the best school for your child, make sure that the school has adequate extracurricular activities in each class's timetable. While choosing the right school, the school should focus not only on academics but also on designing more activities for students to acquire more skills. 
  • Curriculum : There are many schools following different paths when it comes to curriculum. Some of the popular streams/boards of education followed by Indian schools include the Indian Certificate of Secondary Education (ICSE), Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), Secondary School Certificate (SSC), and state boards. Select which curriculum you want your child to follow as this would play an important factor in your child's education. 
  • Access to modernity : Parents nowadays don't have to visit their children's school to know their child's academic detail. Schools have digitized themselves from providing e-learning classes to interactive websites and applying applications online.
    Most schools in India offer online platforms to their students, teachers, and parents to communicate with each other directly. The best school in India not only offers an online community but also provides an environment that nurtures boys and girls who could distinguish themselves in all walks of life. Opt for the school that keeps their websites updated, provides digitized study materials, and provides the option to track your child's overall performance. Next time, when you select a school, do keep its digital existence and modernity in mind. 

By - Noopur Joshi

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