Human Impact On Forests

Human Impact On Forests

India is a country with many forests. Each and every country have forests which are very useful for many things.

Forests are a place with dense trees, grass, and some wild animals. The trees and plants, both themselves give a lot of things that we use in our daily life. Like we breathe in Oxygen, without which we cannot survive even for a minute. The water that we drink is also due to the rain but the major causes of attracting rain clouds to an area are due to the trees. The leaves of the trees are called interceptors of rain as they act as catching the falling rain. Trees also take water from the soil and release it into the atmosphere. The trees also provide us with food, as they give us vegetables that we prepare as our daily meal. But after all this, the humans are destroying trees and forest for several uses like the construction of buildings, getting wood for several uses, etc. I and each one should understand the importance of forests. We shall plant more and more trees instead of cutting them off. Earth Day is celebrated in the whole world as a day of nature on 22nd April every year and most of us plant a seed which would later help us in many ways. The forests are also an ideal location and home to many animals and the trees are home to many birds. Thus, when we cut trees, we shall think 1000 times before cutting them because we take the homes of many birds and animals and destroy them. There are 3 very famous quotes: 1-“Save Trees, Save Life”

2-“Stay Green, Stay Safe”

3-“East or West, Going Green is The Best”

By: Arul Kashyap

School: Delhi Public School, GBN

Class: 7th

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