Importance of Career Counselling

Importance of Career Counselling

In recent times, guidance possesses the popularity it needed. Career counseling in India had never been much popular among students. However, people like parents or students now become concerned about one’s career choices thanks to unsuccessful jobs and stressful lifestyle. Now, students are more inclined towards making a career within the field they're hooked in to. And, the foremost reliable thanks to understanding your career choices is career counseling.

It will not be wrong to define career counseling as a never-ending process. Going throughout life, the method allows you to decide the simplest career option at any age. Whether you're a student who just completed the upper studies or an employee working somewhere you do not want to figure, guidance is for everybody that must know their calling. However, it's best for college kids that want to decide on a fanatical and successful career path. guidance in India helps students to seek out their right career path by examining their core competencies.

If you think that passing exam is that the only difficult thing during a student’s life, then you haven’t asked them about their career yet. choosing the proper career path has become a barrier for them. Teens are most of the time surrounded by questions like- what stream are you getting to take after 10th, what to try to you would like to be within the future, or what’s your dream job? These are several questions that increase the pressure on a student. many a time, career suggestions from others take the place of an individual’s real interest. These are critical aspects for a student that we forget to observe.

By: Jyoti Naik

School Name: Birla School, Pilani

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