Importance of Career Counselling

Education News | May-31-2020

Importance of Career Counselling

Career is an important aspect of one's life after high school. One's career choice chooses the way one will live his or her life. Since career is important; career counselling is also an important factor for identifying the real potential in a student and then guiding the student towards the right career path. It's very necessary for students to have proper guidance before they choose an academic stream after taking the board examinations.

Career counselling is very helpful for students as it helps students for choosing a career goal and giving a direction to students in their future. It provides proper career guidance to students about career options based on their interests and the stream of academics. Through this guidance, they can recognize their strengths and weaknesses and even their interests.

Career counselling should be done in the school for class 9-11 students because these are the classes in which the students have to select a stream of academics which will pave a way for their future. In the present time, students usually choose domains that are very much known, however, they forget to consider their own potential and interest in the process of choosing a known domain. This leads to loss of interest in the students towards that stream as it's not based on their interest and they tend to change their streams. This happens with students when there is a lack of proper guidance about the options available as per their interests and different academic streams.

Career counselling helps students know their ability and interests, strengths, and weaknesses, It provides them with lots of choices for streams after class 10th and many career options after 12th class as per their academic stream choice. This way career counselling plays an important part in a student's life and future.

By: Abhishikta Pal

School: Ramjas School, R.K.Puram

Class: 10th

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