Importance of English Learning

Education News | Feb-06-2021

Importance of English Learning

Language is a way by which a human being communicates their ideas, thoughts, and emotions to other human beings. Every religion, region, community, area, etc has a different language.

English is a very common language spoken by people from different parts of the world. This doesn't mean that other languages do not have importance, they do have but only among people who speak the same language. For example, Hindi is a language that is spoken in India mostly but in India too, not all states speak Hindi. If we take the southern part of India, they speak Tamil, etc. And they do not give importance to Hindi much as compared to states like Uttar Pradesh, etc. So, by this example, it is clear that even in one country, there is no uniformity of language. 

When we talk about the world as a whole, it has so many languages spoken by people living on earth. So how will they communicate with each other? And also, in the current situation when globalization is seen, there should be some way to talk to people speaking different languages. For this purpose, yes we can use a translator and dictionary but it's so difficult! 

Here comes the importance of learning English, this language is accepted worldwide. If you know English you can communicate with other people easily. Though it is the English language's superiority over other languages it helped us a lot. It helps us to stay connected in a world full of languages. 

But I am not in favor of considering a person uneducated if he/she doesn't know the English language, this is seen in many countries, especially India. Till the end, it should be considered as any other language and not as a parameter to judge someone's education. 

By: Prachi Sachdev

Birla Balika Vidyapeeth, Pilani