Increases In Type 2 Diabetes In Children

Education News | Oct-27-2021

Increases In Type 2 Diabetes In Children

The sugar mafia had taken over quite a lot of India, and if this widespread addiction to sugar is not stopped then it can lead to larger problems. Sugar is now present in every substance we intake, especially white sugar which is rid of any nutrients whatsoever. Earlier only one-fifth of sweet was produced in the form of white sugar where the rest was jaggery and honey which still had some nutrients present. Whereas nowadays three-fifth of the produce is of white sugar.

For children type 2 diabetes is a chronic disease. Having sugar increases the flow of dopamine in one’s brain which makes the brain and body feel happy. But sugar is not the sole reason for diabetes in children some reasons could also be-

1) Weight/Obesity: More fatty tissues around the abdomen cause reduce the effect of insulin in the body.
2) Family history of diabetes: This is a disease that is transferable from generation to generation.
3) Inactivity: Lack of activities in this generation children lad to obesity and make the body weaker for the diseases to attack.
4) Premature birth: To find out about diabetes in children, there are no specific symptoms but they can be detected via regular check-ups. To prevent diabetes children could be made to do some things like-
4.1) Eat healthily: With the increase in the healthy food culture convincing children to eat healthily should not be an issue. Parents might need to upgrade normal foods into something fancy with ketchup or cutting vegetables into fun shapes.
4.2) Stay active: In this generation of E- games, it is difficult to motivate children to go outside and play. This habit can be inculcated through indulging children in playing games with parents or their siblings. Setting a time for them to let loose and go outside and play.

By : Kanak Kotnala
Gaurs International School