Influence Of Social Media

Education News | Oct-19-2021

Influence Of Social Media

The use of social media creates the opportunity to turn organization-wide knowledge sharing in the workplace from an intermittent, centralized knowledge management process to a continuous online knowledge conversation of strangers, unexpected interpretations and re-uses, and dynamic emergence. The use of social media tools to facilitate knowledge sharing broadly throughout an organization is growing (Kane, Majchrzak & Ives, 2010; Treem & Leonardi, 2012). While becoming inextricable to our daily lives, online social media are blamed for increasing mental health problems in younger people. This systematic review synthesized evidence on the influence of social media use on depression, anxiety, and psychological distress in adolescents. Gender-equitable attitudes are often constructed during adolescence making this a critical time to alter gender perceptions. However, there is little research on gender attitudes and gender equity in early adolescence, especially in India. I

India is one of the most challenging countries to be a girl or woman. India ranks 125 on the gender inequality index out of 159 countries, a reflection of the gender-based discrimination that girls and women face throughout their life course (Jāhāna, 2016), as evidenced by disparities in secondary education, employment, health, violence, and safety. This special issue presents leading-edge work into how the characteristics of social media affect the nature of influence in networks. Our central thesis is that social influence has become networked influence. Influence is networked in two ways: by occurring in social networks and by propagating through online communication networks. Social media such as Twitter, MySpace, Facebook, texting, email, and blogs have significantly impacted how information is shared among groups of consumers. While used among all age cohorts, members of the Millennial Generation are significant users of social media.

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