Is It Okay To Go For Therapy?

Education News | Oct-08-2021

Is It Okay To Go For Therapy?

Something that has been in our society an overrated concept is ‘going to the therapist’. In old cinema, a therapist equated to having a mental illness which itself had a lot of dirty surrounding it. The words ‘mental’ and ‘mental health was used from a negative angle. The association of mental health to being ‘crazy’ had been very common. Though now mental health has been given enough importance to be used in a positive light. This generation has accepted therapy and no more alienates the people who seek help from a therapist to get better. Society has always cheered on the people who wanted to be better in life and now that mental health is an issue it is no surprise that a lot of awareness is being spread in society.

Therapy has been normalized a lot more than before due to the rising cases of depression, anxiety, and other mental illnesses.
During the pandemic when the stress levels were high and the cases of mental illnesses rose therapy was recommended all over and people came out in support of the society members who were in dire need of therapy. Breaking taboos has been an all-time favorite of the coming generations and breaking the chains of society that hold a lot of people back from a better life had to be broken. Therefore not only the number of people going to therapy has increased but also the number of therapists in practices. Normalizing therapy is like normalizing a better life for most populations.

By: Kanak Kotnala
Gaurs International Schools