Is the Omicron variant of COVID- 19 more transmissible?

Education News | Dec-16-2021

Is the Omicron variant of COVID- 19 more transmissible?

With the ongoing covid-19 pandemic lots of researches and theories have been placed forward, and a lot of theories have been evidence-based that covid -19 variants are changing their form from one to another becoming more deadlier than the earlier variant. Now the recent variant of covid-19 OMICRON is on the rise.

Omicron of covid-19 is 4.2 times more transmissible in its early stage than its delta variant in the study done by a Japanese scientist. A large number of mutations is a matter of concern. As 40 people in the US have tested positive for these variants. We already have seen the increase in cases in South Africa with cases continuing to spike which shows that transmissibility is increasing.

If we see the news that Pfizer is claiming that the booster dose will be effective against the omicron variants, but this is not the final study result. All the studies are just conclusive data according to World Health Organization and it is repeatedly issuing warnings against keeping an eye on it, till we finally conclude.

According to World Health Organization still not clear that the Omicron causes more severe complications compared to infection caused by other variants. As there is currently no study to suggest that symptoms of Omicron are different from the other variants of Covid-19. Mostly younger individuals have a mild disease – but to understand the level of severity of the Omicron days to a week will be needed. We are aware of the variants of covid-19 whose delta variants are dominant worldwide and have caused severe disease in vulnerable people.
Preliminary evidence suggests that chances of reinfection with Omicron is possible to the people who are previously infected with Covid-19 but this information is also not final result based. The widely used PCR test detects Omicron infection also.

Since the variant of concern is Omicron, World Health Organization recommends countries implement effective measures to reduce covid-19 transmission. Reporting initial cases and cluster to WHO. It should be made vitally important to make vaccines get available for the vulnerable groups including health care workers and the older person receiving all doses of vaccine. The most important measure individual can take is to maintain the physical distance of 1 meter from others, wear a mask, improve ventilation, avoid crowded places.

If every individual follows these basic guidelines transmissibility of Omicron can also be reduced till we get the final result about the variants.