Key Points To Remember During An Interview

Education News | Oct-21-2021

Key Points To Remember During An Interview

1. Conduct background research: The first thing you should do is research the organization, its products and services, clients, and its industry profile. Next, it would be beneficial to understand the job role for which you will be interviewed. Ask questions about the job role in the interview if you have any doubts.
2. Dress to impress: You should wear conservative business attire and professional shoes. Avoid wearing very bright colors and ensure what you are wearing is wrinkle-free and devoid of any stains.

In addition to these steps, here are a few interview tips that would help you as well.

Do not be late for the interview;
Do not panic during the interview;
Do not lie about your experience and skills;
Avoid taking long pauses while speaking in the interview;
Ask relevant questions.
Preparation is key to succeeding in the interview process.

The following steps will help you get the second round of interviews:

Research the industry, the company, the competitors, and the interviewer (if possible).
Practice answering interview questions.
Have a full dress rehearsal three days before the interview.
Know where you are going in advance, and get there thirty to forty-five minutes early.
Have a routine the day of the interview.
Completing the research step ensures that you have fully researched the company, the industry, and the competition. Knowing how to interview well within the industry and company will help you get a second interview.
Being prepared reduces stress and improves performance. Here is a checklist of things to do and consider before your interview day.
Make sure your interview suit is clean and fits perfectly. You should feel very comfortable in the clothes you wear for an interview. This helps build your confidence.
Pay attention to colors and style. If you are interviewing at a company where the dress is casual, it is still best to dress in a professional, conservative manner.

By: Anirudha Sharma
Government Senior Secondary School, Bopara