Learning Is A Continuous Process

Education News | Jan-14-2022

Learning Is A Continuous Process

A couple of years back, I recollect, I and my family were sitting in our overhang and partaking in the lovely evening. This is the point at which my granddad entered the kitchen and informed us regarding how he was unable to have his lunch in the office that day as his tiffin won't open even later different attempts. My mom saw how the top would have adhered because of the steam of the hot curry. Presently abruptly everybody's center moved from the occupied, boisterous road to that little tiffin which introduced itself as a Herculean assignment. My mom, father, house-help, all attempted to pull it from various points by first utilizing their hands, then, at that point, spoons, then, at that point, blades, yet nothing appeared to work.

This is the point at which my more youthful sibling got back home from his classes and saw the upheaval in the kitchen. At the point when the circumstance was disclosed to him, he began grinning and tranquility said, "Hold the tiffin on the lit oven with the assistance of kitchen utensils." Everyone was at that point burnt out on attempting different things and we thought what's terrible in attempting even another thought. So my mom did what he said and shockingly, the top opened in a couple of moments. We were stunned, either because of our absurdity or his adroitness. At the point when I got some information about how he realized this stunt would function, he said, "Metals develop warming. Didn't you become familiar with this in your school?" I was unable to contain my disgrace regarding how moronic I could be!

In any case, with this episode, I learned two things: One that metals develop warming (however I knew this hypothetically, I saw how our science ideas are in reality more helpful in our functional life), and second, that there is no age constraint to learning. Consistently that we awaken, we learn something like something new in our whole day from heaps of individuals going from a 5-year old to an 80-year old. This is because our psyche has unlimited capacities and it can never be immersed with sufficient information. For this reason, it's said that learning is a persistent cycle because as long as we keep our faculties working and dynamic, there won't ever be a stoppage in

By : Anirudh Sharma
Government Senior Secondary School Bopara