Learning Moral Strength

Learning Moral Strength

Moral courage may be a competency exercised within the workplace as employees face ethical challenges with an ethical response. Managers exert considerable effort to foster subordinates’ moral courage given its positive organizational consequences. However abusive supervision, not uncommon within the organizational context, negatively affects moral courage. this text aims to look at the connection between abusive supervision and moral courage also to test the moderating roles of ethical efficacy and moral attentiveness thereon very relationship. Data were collected from six public hospitals in Pakistan. The sample included 359 nurses and 121 nurse heads. The moderating roles were tested using the moderated hierarchical multivariate analysis. Results revealed that there was a big negative relationship between abusive supervision and moral courage. additionally, this very relation was weaker when both moral efficacy and moral attentiveness were above once they were lower. The study provided new insights into the influence that abusive supervision may need on nurses’ moral courage and it also offered practical assistance to employees within the health care industry and their leaders that moral efficacy and moral attentiveness would act as neutralizers in mitigating the pernicious effect of abusive supervision on nurses’ moral courage.

Raghav Saxena 

Birla School, Pilani

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